Real Estate Agent Marketing: Getting Unique

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Being a real estate agent is really competitive, especially when you’re in a big city with lots of real estate going on and thousands of other agents.

If you’re an agent, you probably already know all your immediate competitors by a first name basis.

And while we know about “blue ocean”, as I’ve mentioned before, it’s still important to have a unique selling proposition that makes you stand above the crowd.

This Is The Number One Thing To be A Top Real Estate Agent



It’s not just about being personable and talking with people.

It’s about going above and beyond, and being empathetic as well as compassionate…

…and maybe even a bit passionate.

When a homeowner or home buyer is looking to work with an agent, they want to know that this person totally understands their needs and wants.

This means you need to be able to make an emotional connection.

That is what marketing truly means. It’s psychology and making emotional connections.

All we, as humans, ever want is to make more connections with other people. We’re a social race, and when we connect with someone, regardless of what it is, we build a relationship with that person.

Connecting With Your Clients

Whether you’re working with someone who is looking to buy or sell, it’s important you have a clear understanding between the two of you.

Let’s take a look at working with a buyer:

The buyer has something in mind that they want. Sometimes they’re not entirely sure what it is and need to browse around a bit, and that can make it a lengthy process for you.

That’s when your expertise as an agent really comes into play.

You need to learn more about this person (or family)…

  • What do they enjoy doing?
  • Where do they work?
  • What’s their favorite part of the city?
  • How do they feel about certain types of events or venues?
  • Of course, ask all the normal questions about the interior and exterior of the home itself
  • Learn more about their hobbies, needs, family / friend locations, interests, and future wants

Asking these questions does 2 things:

  1. You learn more about their personalities which can help narrow down a lot of properties.
  2. You build a connection with them so they begin to trust and feel comfortable with you.


There is something called the Triangulation, or Trifecta, in which having experiences with something 3 times creates familiarity and comfort.

Imagine, for example, you’re going on a date with something. If during that date you change the environment (restaurant, bar, movies, park, etc) 3 times during the same night, by the third time you are both much more comfortable, unguarded, and familiar with each other.

That analogy makes it easier to understand the Triangulation, but when it comes to business, building a relationship can be as simple as talking about three different topics, visiting three different home, and so on.

Being Unique Helps You Stand Out

Now, let’s get to the actual marketing part:

I once attended a seminar where the speaker was promoting a service called Send Out Cards.

Now, Send Out Cards is a service that’s all about sending out beautifully made and written cards, where you can quickly from your phone or computer attach a picture to the card and have gifts sent with them.

Send Out Cards is also an MLM, so it was beneficial to them to do seminars… but that’s beside the point here.

But check this out:

The speaker gave multiple scenarios of when he used SoC to gain a new client.

One such example was this–

He at some point in career switched to only listing luxury homes. He know that this one particular home had been listed multiple times but he had no way to get in touch with the owner.

He did a little digging and realized that the owner worked (actually owned) a large building downtown.

So, what he did was hire his drone guy to go take an aerial picture of the luxury property the owner was attempting to sell.

He then took that beautiful aerial photograph and placed it on the front of a card.

Along with the card, he sent a dozen brownies…

…Now the trick here with the brownies is this:

When you send a card, it just comes in an envelope like every other piece of mail.

But when you send it with brownies, the card is inside of a box, and everyone loves to open boxes, especially if they weren’t expecting it. Not only that, but it totally stands out.

Inside the card, he wrote “this would be what your listing looks like if we were able to work together”.

Because of that unorthodox approach, he was able to speak with that owner, and was able to get it listed and sold.

be unique


  • Dug to find the owner and his work place
  • Got creative and used the aerial photography as the card’s front cover
  • Sent it as “bulk” mail, along with brownies that his whole office loved, to gain attention
  • Was unique from every other listing agent that owner had ever worked with

Now, tell me that wouldn’t catch your attention.

Speaking of Photography…

I gotta run this one by you because it’s so important:

Just because every other listing on the MLS has a cover photo of the front of the house doesn’t mean yours should, too.

Think about it…

For most homes, especially luxury homes, does the front do it much justice?

How about taking an aerial photograph and using that as the cover photo?

How many homes have lakes, ponds, pools, that are beautiful but never make it into the front photo?

That kind of picture right there would gain so much attention it’s insane!

Next up–

Stage the home and use proper photography for it.

Get some good lighting, fish-eye lens, and take some nice pictures that show how nice and spacious the rooms are.

This combination of photos will gain much more attention for the listings, and you’re more likely to get some showings, and hopefully, buyers.

This type of marketing, by the way, is damn near necessary for luxury properties.

Okay, now this brings us to a hot topic for marketing.

Facebook Marketing for Real Estate Agents

Alright, so this is a really trendy and hot topic:

Facebook ads for real estate agents. How does it work?

Well, there are a lot of people trying to run Facebook ads for agents these days, with huge ranges of success (and failure).

Here’s the thing:

If you’re going to try FB ads, or any real estate related pay-per-click method, you need to have a budget in place.

You shouldn’t start with anything under $500-$1000 per month.

You need to have some eye-catching copy and a nice image that then takes your viewers to one of two things:

1. A landing page to capture their information

2. A Facebook lead generation Form that captures their info right from FB

With that, you just need to tweak.

Facebook ads is all about tweaking and improving your targeting.

Now, if you have no experience doing ads at all, I don’t recommend you try this on your own.

It’s important to know how it works, and generally what to expect, but you should hire someone who specializes in Facebook ads for real estate.

People who do FB ads but haven’t done it for our specific industry are not going to be particularly effective from the get-go.

You most definitely need someone who is specialized in this methodology of marketing.

From there, you can expand into email campaigns, retargeting, and so on.

These are things you could discuss with your marketing consultant to see if they can take care of it.

If you need some assistance in finding a digital marketer that can perform this things for you, reach out to me and I will give you my recommendation.

Either way, start budgeting for this because it will change the game for you.

And That’s All She Wrote… For Now

Marketing techniques are constantly evolving, and there are ever increasing ways to be unique, stand out, get in front of your perfect audience’s eyes, and make things happen.

You just need to be creative and go with the flow.

This is still a prime market for us in real estate, so don’t waste the opportunity!

That’s all I got for now. Check back for some more tips and tricks with our real estate market and how we can get in front of the perfect sellers/buyers on the homepage blog roll (